List of Films

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Title Date Min Cast Director Producer Description
Alf's Baby (Her Three Bachelors in USA) 1953 75 Jerry Desmonde, Pauline Stroud, Olive Stone John Harlow Percy MacLean Rogers Comedy about 3 men bringing up a baby. Precursor to '3 Men and a Baby'
Artful Dodgers 1949 30 Gillian Maude, Richard Foate Renault B Capes Dersden Films Semi documentary based on 'Crime doesn’t pay' series broadcast by the BBC.
Bait The 1950 57 Diana Napier, John Bentley, John Oxford, Patricia Owens, Kenneth Hyde Frank A Richardson Frank A Richardson Whodunnit set in a country house.
Bless 'em All 1949 79 Hal Monty, Les Ritchie, Max Bygraves. Robert Jordan Hill Arthur Dent and Robert Jordan Hill Army Comedy.
Comin' Thro' The Rye 1947 56 Terence Alexander, Shirley Dent, Patricia Burleigh, Molly Wier. Arthur Dent Walter C. Mycroft b 1890 d 1959 Life of Robert Burns
Crowded Day, The (Shop Soiled in the USA) 1954 82 John Gregson, Dora Bryan, Joan Hickson, Thora Hird, Sid James, Prunella Scales, Sidney Taffler, Rachel Roberts, Joan Rice. Dandy Nichols, Richard Wattis, Cyril Raymond (the husband in Brief Encounter) Vera Day, Freda Jackson, Kynaston Reeves, William Franklyn David Dent John Guillermin Drama / comedy about department store girls living in a hostel together. Includes unwanted pregnancy as well as light romance.
Death is a Number 1951 50 Terence Alexander, Lesley Osmond, Denis Webb Robert Henryson   Numerology drama - a numerologist relates the family history of his racing driver pal, and the tragic part played in it, by the number 9, over a three hundred year period
Dollars for Sale 1955 35 Bernie Winters, Robert Hartford-Davis, John Slater, Robert Ayres, Earl Cameron, Victor Platt, Magda Miller, Larry Cross Denis Kavanagh Robert Hartford-Davis, Ascot House Film Productions Anglo American police co-operate on tracking down forgers. The story of the biggest forgery in history.
Don't Blame the Stork 1954 80 Veronica Hurst, Ian Hunter, Harry Fowler, Thora Hird, Averil Angers David Dent Victor Katona A young actress plants herself and her baby in the home of a famous actor to prove she is a competent actress.
Father and Son (Twice Branded in USA) 1936   James Mason, Robert Rendell, Lucille Lisle MacLean Rogers George Smith Crime / prison drama. A bank clerk takes the blame for a theft which he believes was committed by his ex-convict father
Fight - Giants of the mat 1944          
Fight - Cockell vs. La Starza 1954   Highlights of the match at Earls Court. Eamonn Andrews and Norman Wisdom watching.     Eamonn Andrews and Norman Wisdom in the audience at Earls Court
Fight - Bronco Nagurski VS. Jim Londos            
Fight - Turpin Story 1951          
Fight - Turpin v Robinson 10th July 1951 1951         Turpin took the heavyweight title from Robinson in this match. Robinson won it back in September that year.
Fight - Women Wrestlers 1951          
Fight - Turpin v Olsen 1953 1953          
Fight - Turpin v Cockell 1952          
For Love of You 1933 77 Arthur Riscoe, Naunton Wayne, Franco Forester, Diana Napier, Pearl Osgood, Valerie Hobson Carmine Gallone Frank Richardson Musical comedy
Fun at St Fanny's 1956 80 Fred Emney, Cardew Robinson, Vera Day, Miriam Karlin, Ronnie Corbett, Stanley Unwin, Kynaston Reeves, Claude Hulbert, Freddie Mills, Johnny Brandon, Davy Kaye, Gerald Campion., Carol Alexander Maurice Elvey David Dent School boy comedy
Great Game, The 1953 77 Diana Dors, Thora Hird, Glyn Houston, James Hayter, Tommy Lawton. Maurice Elvey David Dent Comedy/Drama . Football in the 1950s and football politics of the time including the effect of the wage cap for players.
Hands of Destiny 1954 53 Three true stories out of the casebook of Dr Josef Ranald, the World's master hand Analyst. Grosvenor Films   Drama documentary
Happiness of Three Women, The (aka Wishing Well in USA) 1954 78 Petula Clark, Donald Houston, Glyn Houston, Eynon Evans, Brenda de Banzie, Patricia Cutts Maurice Elvey David Dent Romantic comedy set in Wales.
He Done Her Wrong (the Villian Still Pursued Her) 1953   Buster Keaton, Billy Gilbert, Anita Louise, Margaret Hamilton, Alan Mowbray, Richard Cromwell, Joyce Compton, Diane Fisher, Hugh Herbert, Charles Judels Editor: Anderson   A film within a film. A silent film watched by a cinema audience.
High Jinks in Society 1949 78 Ben Wrigley, Moore Marriott, Jean Lodge, The Radio Revellers, The Squadronaires Robert Jordan Hill & John Guillermin Robert Jordan Hill & John Guillermin Comedy about class set in Mayfair.
I was a Dancer 1952 50 Diana Napier, John Oxford, Igor Bartzinski Frank Richardson Frank Richardson Crime drama about a ballerina
Intimate Relations (Disobedient in USA) 1953 86 Harold Warrender, Ruth Dunning, Elsie Albin, Marian Spenser, William Russell Charles Frank David Dent Drama based on 'Les Parents Terribles' by Jean Cocteau.
Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary 1953 80 Diana Dors, Sidney James, David Tomlinson, Bonar Colleano Maurice Elvey David Dent Romantic bedroom farce
Kilties are Coming, The 1952 52 McDonald Hobley, Peter Sinclair, The Royal Kiltie Juniors Robert Jordan Hill Robert Jordan Hill Variety by young Scottish band.
Lads and Lassies on Parade 1955 11 The Royal Kiltie Juniors Robert Jordan Hill Robert Jordan Hill Variety by young Scottish band.
Law and Disorder 1940 59 Alastair Sim, Diana Churchill, Leo Genn, Edward Chapman, Barry K Barnes KC Alexander, assist dir George Pollock. Produced by British Consolidated Pictures. David McDonald Espionage comedy.
Lets Go Crazy 1951 34 Peter Sellers Wallis Eaton, Betty Ankers, Freddie Mirfield and his band, Pat Kaye, Spike Milligan, Tommy Manley, Florence Austin, Keith Warwick   Alan Cullimore Madcap comedy short written and improvised by Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers
Melody in the Dark 1949 67 Ben Wrigley, Eunice Gayson; Carl Carlisle and Maisie Weldon; The Keynotes; The Stardusters John Guillermin Robert Jordan Hill A show team lose their jobs and go to the haunted house inherited by the leading lady. They put on a show and discover the imprisoned owner and the housekeeper's villainy.
Miss Tulip Stays the Night 1955 68 Diana Dors, Cicely Courtneidge, Jack Hulbert, Patrick Holt, A.E. Matthews John O. Douglas Bill Luckwell Comedy Thriller.
My Death is a Mockery 1952 80 Donald Houston, Bill Kerr, Kathleen Byron Anthony Young David Dent Naval Officer and his wife try to make money by smuggling brandy from France. Christopher Craig age 16 was convicted of murder of a policeman (with Derek Bentley) Bentley said ' let him have it Chris' and Bentley was hung. Craig saw My Death is a Mockery that afternoon and it was said that the film egged him on the violence
My Wife's Lodger 1952 73 Diana Dors, Dominic Roche Maurice Elvey Victor Katona Comedy about working class family. The husband returns from the war to find his children grown up and his wife too friendly with the lodger.
Nitwits on Parade, The 1949 39 Max Bygraves, Sid Millward, Wally Stewart Robert Jordan Hill Arthur Dent Comedy with music
Penny Points to Paradise 1951 77 Peter Sellers Spike Milligan, Alfred marks, Harry Secombe, Bill Kerr, Freddie Frinton, Vicky Page, Paddy O'Niell Tony Young Alan J Cullimore Madcap comedy about a pools winner on holiday at the seaside. released just prior to the goon show start on BBC radio.
Phantom Shot, The 1947 49 John Stuart, Olga Lindo, Howard Marion-Crawford, Louise Lord, Ronald Adam, John Varley, Cyril Conway, Jock McKay, Leslie Armstrong Mario Zampi & Murder mystery.
Ray of Sunshine, A 1950 56 Wilson Keppel and Betty. Ted Ray, Janet Brown, Ivy Benson and her All Girl Band, Freddy Bamberger and Pam, Robert Morton Fraser's Harmonica Gang. Horace Shepherd Horace Shepherd Variety compered by Ted Ray.
Skimpy in the Navy 1949 86 Max Bygraves, Hal Monty, Les Ritchie, Avril Angers Maurice Elvey David Dent Navy comedy
Slappiest Days of our Lives, The 1953   Peter Sellers, Graham Stark(voice over) Laurel and Hardy, Buster Keaton, Horold Lloyd, James Finlayson R.A. Bradford (script) Hilary Long (editor) Extracts from Max Sennett's silent comedies
Song of Paris (aka Bachelor in Paris) 1952 83 Dennis Price, Anne Vernon, Mischa Auer, Hermione Badeley, Brian Worth, Richard Wattis John Guillermin Roger Proudlock Romantic comedy
Stars in Your Eyes 1956 96 Pat Kirkwood, Bonar Colleano, Nat Jackley, Jimmy Clitheroe, Freddie Frinton, Joan Sims, Dorothy Squires Gerald Harper, Jack Jackson (top DJ in 1950s) Joan Sims Maurice Elvey David Dent Musical comedy about a theatre company trying to save their show.
Tell Tale Heart, The 1953 20 Actor -  Stanley Baker (there is only one actor) JB Williams   Based on the Edgar Allan Poe Story
Torment (Paper Gallows in USA) 1949 78 Dermot Walsh, Rona Anderson, John Bentley, Dilys Laye John Guillermin Robert Jordan Hill A dark thriller
What Every Woman Wants 1954 86 Patrick Doonan, Brian Rix, Joan Hickson, Brenda de Banzie, Prunella Scales, Elsie Albin, Joan Sims David Dent Maurice Elvey Drama about the strains on a marriage of political/ trade union activism, inadequate housing and work. It explores the trade union movement, social class and industrial relations in post WW2 Britain
You Lucky People 1955 79 Tommy Trinder, Dora Bryan, Mary Parker, Rolf Harris. David Dent Maurice Elvey Army Farce